Measures taken

Puerto Rico
Beginning from the middle of the 20th century progressive people in the world started to realize all the bad impact on nature produced by humans. Different organizations, governmental, international, public were set up with aim to reduce a bad impact, restore biodiversity and educate people in questions of environment. Representatives of foundations and associations appear in print or on television, arrange mass meetings of protest against actions which can damage environment. Ecology was introduced in many countries as a subject of school curriculum. Following measures are being taken in different countries:
  • organization of production of new, more modern equipment for clearing enterprises' dumps from gases, dust and other substances
  • scientific research and experimental works on introducing complicated apparatus for air and water protection
  • reconstruction of workshops and factories which don't have equipment for preventing of harmful impact
  • laws restricting the amount of harmful substances produced by manufacturing
  • strict governmental control of carrying out the laws
  • planting of new trees to replace those been cut
  • releasing of special Lists of endangered species and Red Data Books, carrying out measures of protection
  • Reserves

    There are about 1000 large reserves and national parks in the world. Reserves are models of wild nature less untouched by human activity. They play a great role in reservation and restoring of rare and disappearing species of animals, plants and ecosystems. Reserves' territories are protected by law and all human activities as hunting, cutting trees, agriculture are prohibited, though in some reserve territories activities are allowed partly. Owning to reserves people managed to restore number of species that had nearly disappeared and enlarge the distribution of many animals and plants. The reserves are very important now when people must analyze the changes they brought to nature and find optimal methods of rational usage of nature resources. This can be done only in comparison of untouched wild territories and with those experienced great changes. So the necessity to have the models of all ecosystems is obvious. The solution of any ecological problem is impossible without analyzing of all the processes happening in reserved territories.

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